Teacher explains the CloudFisher to students

Qameyu secondary school

Seloto base camp

Assembly of the support structure

Digging holes for concrete foundations

Students watching us with great interest

Completely assembled CloudFisher. Right: Old fog collector destroyed by the wind

CloudFisher Detail

Children in the area

On the way to Qameyu


In November 2017, aqualonis installed a CloudFisher Pro for p(e)d world in Qameyu, Tanzania.

Qameyu is located roughly 200 kilometres to the southwest of Mount Kilimanjaro near to the major Serengeti and Tarangire national parks. The settlements are located on a highland plateau at an elevation of over 2000 metres. Children – most of them girls - must walk several hours each day to fetch water, usually of inferior quality.

commissioned by p(e)d world

co-financed by the

Munich Re Foundation

An old collector needed to be completely replaced with a CloudFisher which produces much higher water yields than the old nets, and needs hardly any maintenance.

The fog collector will supply drinking water for the 300 children and the vegetable garden of Qameyu secondary school.

More information at p(e)d world
More information at Munich Re Foundation

p(e)d world, aqualonis and construction team