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FogNet Alliance - Learning Sessions 2021

Some successful fog net projects have been implemented around the world. Now it is important to expand this knowledge and also to set the initial spark for further fog net projects. Therefore, we want to support an exchange between organisations and practitioners (NGOs), donors, representatives of fog net projects and the advisory group of the FogNet Alliance and other scientists.


Tanzania, February 2020

We did it! As planned, five CloudFisher mini could be set up in the highlands of Tanzania. With great interest from the school children and with the active support of the local population.


Bolivia, October 2019

The grant money is ready to invest. Now it's time to find the best locations to capture drinking water from the fog. The joint plan is to build 14 new fog collectors.


Morocco, 16 October 2018

saw the official opening ceremony for the fog net installation on Mount Boutmezguida in the Anti-Atlas mountains. On each day with fog, it harvests roughly 35,000 litres of drinking water, and a great deal more on exceptional days. This is changing the lives of the people who live on the mountain, and giving them new prospects.


Foto gallery - Marocco, May 2017

Harvesting drinking water from fog – Fifteen new CloudFishers for Morocco.

Watch the image gallery at Munich re Foundation


Bolivia, August 2019

Water Foundation, Munich Re Foundation and the Oswald Foundation are funding a new fog net project in the Alto Veladero region, starting in autumn 2019. The project in the uplands of Bolivia is the winner of our joint tender.