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Starting point for development

When the WaterFoundation installed the first fog collectors in Eritrea 2007, it became apparent that they could not withstand the local wind speeds.

  1. As the mesh bulges out in the wind, much water is lost outside the trough.

  2. The nets rub against the plastic-covered steel cables and start to tear.

  3. The seams of the nets unravel.

  4. The bracing cable anchors work loose because of the lack of horizontal reinforcement.

  5. Collecting troughs made of rigid materials like sheet metal are prone to storm damage and become permanently buckled.


The CloudFisher which is a registered trademark of the WaterFoundation is the first maintance-free fog collector that can also withstand wind speeds of up 120 kph. All materials are UV-resistant and food-safe.

  1. 3D mesh for higher water yield.

  2. Robust plastic grid prevents the mesh from bulging and draining water outside the trough.

  3. Rubber expanders reduce the impact of wind forces.

  4. Flexible troughs follows the movement of the net in the wind.

CloudFisher Pro

CloudFisher Mini

CloudFisher Test




CloudFisher Family


CloudFisher Pro

For villages, schools, industry, agriculture and forestry
aqualonis has developed an entirely new fog collector.
All components – posts, anchors, screws and expanders, and the concrete foundations – have been calculated to withstand wind speeds of up 120 kph. Stronger gusts will not affect the nets and frames; only the rubber expanders will tear, and these are cheap and easy to replace.

Partner: Engineering consultancy LEICHT and the University of Munich, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences.

Total net surface: 13,5m² x 4 = 55m²
Height: 6m

CloudFisher Mini

Total net surface: 5,5m² x 3 =16,5m²

Height: 3m

How it works
During the fog season, the CloudFisher Mini can be used to determine the yields of the three net surfaces arranged at different angles. The net that collects the most water is the one positioned at the most favourable angle to the wind.

Test collector and for domestic users

CloudFisher Mini does not require concrete foundations and is anchored with special nails.

No meteorological instruments are needed: the measurement is done by simply reading off a scale on each water canister.

The center net delivers the largest yield.

The second step is to arrange the nets in a straight line.

CloudFisher Test

Test collector, mobile use
Every fog project starts with this cost-effective test collector. The amount of water collected with it provides information on whether the investment in a large plant is worthwhile. It can be supplemented by meteorological measuring instruments.

Total net surface: 1m²
Height: 3m


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