About us

The FogNet Alliance (FNA) was set up in August 2017 in Munich by WaterFoundation and Munich Re Foundation.

The intention and aim of the FNA is to build up a practical network of researchers, water-experts, GOs and NGOs:

for mutual advice
for cross-border-knowledge sharing
for promoting fog net technology
for further investigating the potential of fog net projects
for finding consulting, financial, or local support
for finding partners and creating sustainable partnerships

​​Contact Point and Competence Centre
The FNA works towards promoting the fog net technology and fog harvesting on a not-profit basis. It is a platform and central contact point for all stakeholders in this field.
It provides a competence center for interdisciplinary broad-based regional and international collaboration. Knowledge and resources are pooled, recognized literature on the subject is provided.

And, last but not least, the members of FNA aim to realize together with partners some fog net projects in the following years.

Increased Awareness
The FNA increases the visibility of fog net technology.
It prepares a catalogue of bestpractice in fog harvesting and collects data and publications.


The FNA consists of three groups of actors:
a central Steering Committee, an Advisory Group and

an Interest Group. The boundaries of the three groups are open, diffusion between the groups is possible.










​Interest Group

Advisory Group

The Interest Group is composed of representatives from all fields (individuals, NGOs, universities, project groups etc.) who are generally or specifically interested in fog net technology.

The Advisory Group consists of experts from different disciplines who contribute
knowledge and advice the FNA, in particular the Steering Committee, and gives practical
advice in the various fields of fog net technology.

The Steering Committee is made up of a small group of active members who is
responsible for the strategy and work programs.



aqualonis GmbH

represented by Peter Trautwein (CEO)

Engineers without borders

represented by Tilmann Straub (member of the executive board)

Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection

represented by Prof. Martin Grambow (Secretary of Water Management and Soil Protection)

The members of the steering committee are:

Munich Re Foundation

represented by Renate Bleich (chair), Martina Mayerhofer (project manager)


represented by Dr. Beate Grotehans (director), Kerstin Anker (member of the advisory board)

University of Münster, faculty for climatology
represented by Prof. Otto Klemm (professor for climatology)


FogNet Alliance

c/o Munich Re Foundation
Königinstr. 107
80802 München

Tel  +49-89-3891-2834
Fax +49-89-3891-7 2834