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The FogNet Alliance

Water is a scarce resource in many regions of the world. Producing drinking water from fog with fog nets is an innovative technology, which attracts broad interest.

In dry mountainous and coastal regions with high fog concentration, fog nets collect water from fog and provide people with a secure supply of drinking water. We think that fog net knowledge should be spread around the world.

For this purpose, WaterFoundation and Munich Re Foundation have set up an international platform – the FogNet Alliance (FNA). The FNA represents a global partnership and practical network of researchers, water-experts, international organizations, politics and industry. It has one unifying aim: Strengthening the fog net technology as a valuable sustainable innovation that brings safe water to the people.

​"It is open to new members.
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Topics and News


Morocco, 16 October 2018

saw the official opening ceremony for the fog net installation on Mount Boutmezguida in the Anti-Atlas mountains. On each day with fog, it harvests roughly 35,000 litres of drinking water, and a great deal more on exceptional days. This is changing the lives of the people who live on the mountain, and giving them new prospects. >>

PBS News Hour | Video 07/2019

The global water supply is constantly and increasingly threatened by climate change, overconsumption and poor management, among other forces. In an effort to bolster it, scientists around the world are leveraging familiar scientific principles with modern technology to capture water from the moisture in fog. John Yang reports on these innovative efforts to address the worsening water crisis. >>

Winner of the tender – Fog net project in Bolivia

The Water Foundation, Munich Re Foundation and Oswald Foundation are proudly announcing a new fog net project in Alto Veladero, Bolivia. The proposal handed in by the Basque NGO Zabalketa convinced the international jury and won the joint tender.  >>